Huawei G8 review

1. Introduction

Huawei may not be a full member just yet but it’s keener than most to follow the club’s dress code. Elaborate exteriors are the thing that defines the brand and that’s not limited to the premium line of devices. If it is refined design and elegance you are after, Huawei’s phones are consistently on the shortlist.

Naturally, using premium materials and adhering to high build standards results in a premium price tag. As the mobile scene is quickly changing, midrange devices are getting more powerful and feature-rich with every generation. Huawei is genuinely trying to match this on the outside. The P-series and the G-series are now really capable of rivalling their Mate siblings.

The Huawei G8 is a perfect example. It’s been following the premium Mate S all the way from the rumor mill to the production line and currently offers the same excellent design and some of the new and exciting features of its bigger sibling, all wrapped in a package that hopefully won’t break the bank.

Huawei G8 review

Even though the Huawei G8’s more or less conceived as a more affordable alternative of the Mate S, the handset doesn’t really come off as a blatant compromise. Unlike many “lite” versions out there, the G8 has a distinct feel of its own. It is somewhat less delicate than the Mate S, but the real distinction in the general feel and handling comes from the rounded body design more than anything else.

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