Huawei Ascend 5W Review : Budget Phone Makes Too Many Compromises

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huawei Ascend 5W

A budget phone may not match $650 flagships from Apple or Samsung, but those sub-$250 handsets have started to pack in a lot of features. Consider the Huawei Ascend 5W, a $179 phone available through discount carrier Republic Wireless. In addition to its supreme affordability, the Ascend 5W boasts some high-end features, such as a big 5.5-inch full-HD screen and a built-in fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, it also has a number of rough spots, including the lack of a USB Type-C port, as well as choppy performance and a pair of cameras that make your pictures look a bit too dark.

Republic Wireless Service

The Ascend 5W is available through Republic Wireless. If you’re unfamiliar with that carrier, Republic is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that piggybacks off of the Sprint and T-Mobile cellular networks. But that’s only when you need a cellular signal. For the most part, Republic prioritizes Wi-Fi for calls and text whenever that’s available.

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