HTC U12+ hands-on review : 4 cameras, more squeeze, no notch

You have to give HTC its due: the new U12+ is more than enough evidence to prove the phone-maker isn’t giving up on the high-end Android space. Even in a crowded marketplace, slick design and some clever hardware helps the new phone stand out, hopefully appealing to more than just the HTC-faithful in the process. And, if you want to avoid the scourge of the notch, the U12+ is one of just a small handful of flagship options for 2018.

HTC’s aesthetic is a riff on last year’s “Liquid Surface” theme of the U11, with 3D formed Gorilla Glass given a color treatment underneath for dreamy hues and scratch-resistance. For the US, the launch finishes will be Translucent Blue and Ceramic Black; the latter is pretty straightforward, but the blue U12+ has a transparent panel around the rear cameras through which you can see the components. It’s subtle, but quite charming.

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