Head-to-Head : Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

Samsung’s new Galaxy C9 Pro phablet is now available in the Philippines. Samsung already has a similarly-specced 6-incher in the local market right now, though, and that’s the Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) which launched in August last year. It’s only natural to compare the two phabs and find out which is the better buy, so here’s our take.

The C9 Pro outplays the A9 Pro, except in battery capacity

The C9 Pro’s Snapdragon 653 octa-core CPU is the latest iteration of Qualcomm’s top mid-range SoC. According to the company, the SD653 boasts up to 10% higher performance over the last-gen SD652 found in the A9 Pro. 10% more isn’t exactly a big leap, but it’s still an improvement, nonetheless. The C9 Pro and A9 Pro both have the same GPU, but the former’s is a little faster, thanks to frequency tweaks.

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