Hands on: Blu Vivo 6 review

There are a lot of manufacturers looking toward the low priced yet premium phone space, but Blu is one of the only companies trying to do that from within the US.

Founded in 2009, Blu has been impressing Americans with its range of devices – which are designed in the country but manufactured in China – over the last few years. The Blu Vivo 6 marks the very first time the brand has come to the UK and it’s exclusively available on this side of the pond.

It’s a high-end phone too, with a lower price than you may expect from just looking at the handset.

Blu Vivo 6 price and release date

You can buy the Vivo 6 right now from Amazon, but only in the UK currently. Amazon is the only site the phone is available from and it usually costs £239.99/$359.99, but if you buy it on Black Friday it’ll only be £184.99/$277.49.

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