Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: Rumors vs Reality

This year’s big smartphone war will involve flagships from the two biggest phone makers.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8, introduced this spring, is waiting to take on Apple’s yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 8. Collectively, the devices will look to win over customers willing to spend serious cash on the latest and greatest devices.

Credit: Gabor Balagh (left); Sam Rutherford (Right)

Credit: Gabor Balagh (left); Sam Rutherford (Right) 

Starting at about $750, the Galaxy S8 has introduced an all-new design that ditches the physical home button, expanding the screen size on the Galaxy S8 to 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches on the Galaxy S8+ (which starts at about $850). Samsung’s phone also comes with a new assistant called Bixby, though that feature remains a work in progress.

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