Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy Note 9 FACE-OFF : Which Phone Should You Buy?

There used to be no dispute as to which Samsung phone was the company’s big-screen beast. The Galaxy Note series featured the largest displays, the most processing oomph, and the features most obviously geared toward anyone who subscribed to the theory that Bigger Is Almost Always Better.

The newly released Galaxy S10 Plus, one of a trio of S10 models rolled out by Samsung, shakes things up by quite a bit. This new phone’s display is every bit as big as what you’d find on the Galaxy Note 9, and the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 isn’t that much smaller. What’s more, Samsung has packed the kind of features into the Galaxy S10 that used to be firmly in the Note’s domain. As a result, the choice of which big-screen Samsung phone to get isn’t as clear as it was before.

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