Galaxy Note 8 Vs Galaxy Note 5: What to Expect if You Upgrade

Editors’ Note: We originally published this article on August 23, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8. We’ve updated the comparison now that we’ve had a chance to test and review Samsung’s new phone.

Two years is a lifetime for smartphones, as processing power, battery life and camera capabilities can all take a great leap forward in that timespan. And if you bought Samsung’s Note 5 when it came out two years ago, you’re likely ready to trade it in for a new phone, especially after the Galaxy Note 7’s now-you-see-it-now-it’s-recalled act last year.

Samsung’s newest big-screen phone, the Galaxy Note 8, marks a big step forward from 2015’s Note. (Remember, there was no Note 6, as Samsung jumped straight from the Note 5 to the Note 7 in 2016.)

But how big a step is this new model? Here’s a closer look at how the specs compare between the new Note 8 and the Note 5 you’ve been holding onto.

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