Galaxy Note 7 Review : The Big-Screen Phone I’d Buy

It’s the rare gadget these days that gets my 8-year-old interested enough to come see what daddy is reviewing. But there he was putting his arm around me as I used the Galaxy Note 7’s improved S Pen to sketch a landscape, blending colors and drawing a tiny frog in a pond. “This is a cool app,” my son said. “It’s a pretty cool phone,” I replied.

And then I let slip how much it cost. “$850?!”

Yeah, that’s a lot of money for a big-screen handset, but the Galaxy Note 7 has a lot to recommend it. It boasts the same best-in-class camera as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, a water-resistant design, a bigger 5.7-inch display (complete with HDR video support), and even the ability to unlock the phone with your eyes. Still, the main reason to get the Note 7 versus other phablets remains the S Pen, and Samsung has added some features to make that pen appealing to more users.

Credit: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide

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