Fast Charge: Qualcomm’s cheap 5G chipset is ideal for the Moto G9

Qualcomm has just taken this wraps off its brand-new chipset, and it aims to bring 5G – among other usually flagship-centric features – to phones in the $/£200-400 market. You know the current best phone at that price? The Moto G8.

Motorola has been cranking out awesome budget phones for years now and the G series remains the jewel in the brand’s line. Yes, it might have diluted it somewhat with many, many iterations and spin-offs but the plain old Moto G (and maybe the Moto G8 Power) remains the best of the bunch.

You’ll find similarly priced competitions from the likes of Honor, Xiaomi and Realme that beat the G8 for specs, yet I always prefer using Motorola’s budget phones because the software experience is usually so much better.

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