Designing A Custom Phone Case? Here Are 10 Style Tips

A phone case can be said to be a mirror of one’s self. It can speak volumes about you and reflect your mood and interests quite elaborately. It can affect how others perceive you, so customizing your phone case can be akin to expressing yourself. Your phone case not only protects your device but also showcases your aesthetics to a certain degree. So, whether you’re choosing to customize a phone case as a one-time recreational activity or decide to pick it up as a hobby or small business, listed below are ten style suggestions that can help you design your phone case.

1. Have Fun With Stickers

Stickers come in a wide array of options. Whether you decide to go with animal stickers, stickers from your favorite show, or perhaps even a band or celebrity you adore, stickers are an easy way to exhibit your likes. Wherever your interests may lie, you can be sure that there’s a sticker available for it. If not, you can just as quickly have any sticker printed for you nowadays. All in all, stickers are a fun and effortless way to spruce up your phone case. 

2. Download A Template

There are many ready-made templates you can use for phone case designs nowadays. You can look up phone case design templates, and it’ll prompt you to various templates that you can download and use free of charge. You can even create your template through any photo app variant and bring any design vision to life.

3. Cut Up A Printable

There are various beautiful and unique ready-to-download prints you can choose from online. You can select a design of your choice and print it out. From there, cut them up and adhere each printout to your case. With just that, you have instantly beautified your phone case already.

4. Paint Your Case

Splashes of color can make a phone case stand out. With so many beautiful shades to choose from, go knock yourself out and adorn your phone case with your favorite colors. Whether you choose to do so with paint, nail polish, or markers, adding more color to your phone case is always a good idea.

5. Use Washi Tapes

Washi tapes have become a staple art supply over the years. These decorative tapes come in various designs with which you can grace your phone case. All you would need to do is select a video of your choice, measure it to fit the case, and stick it on. It instantly adds character and style to your phone case.

6. Select Some Pictures For It

Whether it’s a photo of you, your family, pet, best friend, or perhaps even your beloved, why not consider displaying a portrait of them on your phone case? You can then have your selected photo developed or take one with an instant camera and insert it on your phone case. Overall, pictures of your loved ones can decorate your phone case endearingly.

7. Craft Artwork On itĀ 

Why not use your phone case to showcase talent and put any artwork on it? Whether you choose to use your own or take inspiration from famous works, art is a great focal point for any phone case.

8. Decorate It With Pressed Flowers

If you’re looking for something to embellish your phone case with, why not choose to preserve your favorite flowers and use them on your case. They are pleasing to the eye but sometimes carrying a piece of nature with you can just put you at ease. Depending on the season, you can preserve an endless array of flowers and switch up your phone case.

9. Marble Motifs

A marbled phone case can exude a lot of elegance. No matter which color scheme or texture you go for, you can never truly go wrong with marble. Creating a marbled effect on your case is relatively simple as well. Typical DIY marble crafts include your choice of colors and a toothpick to create the marble effect. 

10. Use Parchment Or Photo PaperĀ 

Parchment and photo paper allows you to imprint anything you fancy on your phone case. Whether it’s a famous quote, your alma mater, or a DIY craft of your own, etc., these papers can allow you to style up your case with virtually anything you could want.

All In All

Customizing a phone case can certainly be a fun activity and a great way to bond with family and friends or a simple date idea with a special someone. Apart from potentially saving you on some new phone case costs, the activity itself is a great outlet to unleash your creativity on.