Best Motorola phones: What are the best Moto mobiles right now and coming soon?

We review the very best Motorola Moto phones that you can buy in the UK and here’s our favourites available right now. From great-value budget mobiles like the latest Moto E handset, to premium flagship phones like the Moto Z series – which can be expanded with Motorola’s own Moto Mods accessories – there’s something here for everyone.

*** Note : £1 = $1.33

When it comes time to buy a new smartphone, there’s a crazy amount of choice out there. In fact, Motorola alone often launches a dozen or so devices in any given year, spread across the complete price range.

Why buy a Motorola Moto phone?

Of course, all of Motorola’s Moto smartphones offer solid value for money, from the cheapest sub-£100 handsets that come packing solid battery life and performance, to the premium Moto Z flagship phones.

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