Best HTC phones: Which HTC mobiles are best for me?

What are the best HTC phones I can buy in the UK in 2017, from budget mobiles to the latest premium handsets? Here’s our pick of the best HTC smartphones to suit all budgets.

HTC used to release roughly a gazillion new smartphones every year, back in the day. From the Mozart to the Legend, the ChaCha to the Salsa (all real names), HTC’s mobiles all featured distinctive personalities and some fun features, although working out which one was best for you was an absolute nightmare. Walk into any UK store and you’d be confronted with dozens of choices to pore over.

These days HTC has thankfully calmed its production, releasing just a small handful of phones each year. So far in 2017 we’ve only seen a couple of new handsets launched, including the shiny new flagship device, the HTC U11. This is undoubtedly the best HTC Android mobile in ages, although some of the company’s phones from last year (including the HTC 10) still stand up well, especially if you find them at a good price.

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