ASUS Zenfone AR: 5 reasons you want this phone

The ASUS Zenfone AR is officially available to buy from Verizon, and you may be considering picking one up yourself. If you’re still on the fence, take note: there’s a lot to like about this phone, which was first launched back during CES 2017 (hands-on here). As its name suggests, this phone brings with it augmented reality capabilities, but what, exactly, does the phone offer to make it so appealing? Here are five key things.


The Zenfone AR’s most notable selling point is its inclusion of Tango, an augmented reality technology from Google that brings virtual elements onto the real world. While the Zenfone AR brings the physical hardware necessary to make Tango possible, such as the TriCam listed below, Tango utilizes it to perform things like depth perception and object motion tracking.

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