Asus ZenFone 8 series lets you choose: to Flip or not to Flip

Asus refocussed its efforts in the smartphone space with 2019’s ZenFone 6, which debuted a unique flipping camera module; now it seems the company is walking things back – at least as far as the flagship ZenFone 8 is concerned.

The Taiwanese company unveiled the ZenFone 8 series on 12 May, with the range consisting of two distinct devices: the ZenFone 8 and the ZenFone 8 Flip.

As the name of the latter model suggests, fans of Asus’ unique approach to camera implementation can still get their fix from this year’s line, however the standard 8 forgoes the range’s head-turning imaging hardware in order to offer consumers powerful internals in a more compact form factor.

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