All the ways Siri is changing in iOS 14

Siri finally has a new look, and it’s a big step forward for Apple’s digital assistant.

Apple has made advancements to its Siri personal assistant in every version of iOS, but it’s still looks and acts nearly the same as it did back when it was introduced in iOS 5! Finally, with iOS 14, Siri is getting a much-needed redesign. Here’s what you can expect from Siri when you upgrade to iOS or iPadOS 14.

No more full-screen takeover

When you invoke Siri, it takes over the entire screen. You can’t see what you were looking at, much less interact with it! It was an understandable compromise years ago, but it’s positively backwards on modern phones.

With iOS 14, Siri will finally let you keep looking at your phone. Whether you invoke it by saying, “Hey Siri” or holding the Side button or Home button, you’ll just see a colorful orb at the bottom of your display.

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