AGM X1 Review rugged smartphone : not drown, but froze

A rugged smartphone is usually a pain. A rugged smartphone from some little-known Chinese factory is doubly painful. That’s why I have not tested such devices for a long time. However, AGM X1 was a pleasant exception to this rule.

AGM X1 Review rugged smartphone: not drown, but froze

AGM representative contacted me and offered to advertise their products. Frankly speaking, before that I had not heard anything about this manufacturer. It is not surprising, because the brand is brand new.

At first I was wary of the devices from these guys. Later I looked at the characteristics, I studied the official website (surprisingly well done) and I was interested in their products. Of course, most liked AGM X1 , because the smartphone is rugged on all fronts, but it does not have sadness inside, but quite a decent “iron”:

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