AGM Glory G1S, A Revolutionary Thermal Imager and a Powerful 5G Rugged Phone

The rugged phone manufacturing specialist AGM Mobile has just released the latest 5G rugged smartphone, Glory G1S. The Glory G1S equips the best thermal imaging in the phone market and achieves a 25 frame rate per second and 192*256 pixels resolution. It means a clear and smooth heat image for users, giving a great experience while encountering professional needs, for example, house inspection, electrician, or spotting water leaks. Installing a thermal imaging camera into a 5G phone is revolutionary for AGM and the industry. When browsing the internet, a thermal imager can cost from 100 to 500000 dollars for different types of professionals in the field. Their shape, resolution, focal distance, frame rate, and even mechanism vary dramatically. However, the purpose does not alter their appearance. They are all built to identify heat from a distant position. Distinguishing objects in different heats and measuring them in exact digits, thermal imagers spot overheating, without directly touching the faulty position, preventing from scalding and keeping users safe.

The thermal imaging sensors are larger and different from camera sensors. The property of far infrared rays makes installing a thermal imager into a phone very difficult. Installing the thermal imager into a phone means more than a thermal imager and a phone. Via 5G internet, users can send every measurement and video for efficient communications. At the beginning of the 5G era, everyone believed in a network for industrial solutions. Now here it is, a 5G thermal imaging phone. Throw those complicated cables and struggling connections away. It offers a clean app installed right inside the phone, making measurements and data transfer easier.

“Just like the transition between iPhone and iPod. iPod is a great music player, but the iPhone is a better iPod.” Said Austin, the Co-founder of AGM Mobile. “Today, we are replacing heavy and inconvenient thermal imagers with a better phone, a 5G phone that has all the advanced thermal imaging technologies.”

The cameras and processor ensured the G1S’ basic functionality. In terms of performance, the G1S stands on the top among almost every other rugged phone. As the name of Glory suggested, the G1S is also a future explorer in rugged outdoor technology. Glory G1S is a model derived from the Glory Pro. Its specialization in the thermal imager foregoes other functions to ensure the measuring experience. It has a 48mp main camera, a 20mp infrared night vision camera, a 5500mAh enlarged battery, Snapdragon 480 5G processor, and most importantly, the same thermal imager as the Glory Pro. For over 10 years, AGM has been focusing on the development and manufacture of rugged devices. G1S has a 5500mAh battery which stands for over 3 days of traveling. It provides more than 13 hours of video viewing or 27 hours of call time.

Last year, AGM released the groundbreaking AGM Glory series, including AGM Glory, AGM Glory SE, and AGM Glory Pro. These three phones are equipped with the world’s first cold-resistant mobile battery, making it possible to discover an extreme-cold environment. They received welcomes from most snow mountain enthusiasts and cold-area travelers.

There are some changes on Glory G1S from the Glory Pro. The G1S’s exterior acquired a new design language. The G1S replaced the iconic AGM world’s loudest phone speaker with an enhanced stereo system. The back cover is made of aramid-like texture and Bayer soft rubber. This combination embraces a unique aesthetic, hybridizing the sense of practical industrial style and futuristic design.

Although Glory G1S has a smaller battery than Glory Pro’s innovative cold-resistant battery, it is much slimmer and 15% lighter than Glory Pro, allowing smoother grip. The result is a flatter and pocket-friendly rugged smartphone, resisting tough environments as usual. Against 99% dust and water, the G1S is IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H certified. The corners are protruded by a continuous track design, and the frame is also 0.3mm higher than the screen. These designs give the G1S the ability to withstand impacts from multiple angles. The interior is also protected by the BGA underfill technology, which eliminates inner damage and seals the key components from the invasion of water or other foreign materials.

About AGM

AGM is a pioneer of outdoor mobile devices. In 2011, AGM launched the first-ever rugged smartphone, Rock V5, and started serving outdoor enthusiasts and workers. Later in 2018, AGM released the best performing rugged smartphone AGM X3. In 2021, AGM launched the G-series and attempted to explore more possibilities in the rugged phone industry. Recently, AGM has released Glory G1S on AGM’s official online store and partner stores Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, make sure to check it out.

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Samantha Liu, Head of PR Manager, AGM Mobile