6 Reasons the Nokia P1 could be the iPhone of Androids

This week the Nokia P1 has been teased right on the heels of the announcement of the Nokia 6. The latter device is the real deal – the former isn’t yet confirmed as a real device. Sources suggest that the Nokia P1 will utilize company connections to base its design on the Sharp Aquos Xx3. As such, the images you see in this article are literally of the Sharp Aquos Xx3, as it was when it was introduced last year.

To be fair, at this point in history it should be clear that not a lot of people switch between iOS and Android, and certainly not for a device that’s as yet unproven. As such, to attain a true status as an iPhone equivalent, this Nokia device is going to have to do two things at once. It’ll have to roll especially hard on the functionality front at the same time as it is reliable. Then, it’ll also have to be very, very inexpensive. For now, all indications are that the Nokia P1 will be priced far too similar to the iPhone to beat the iPhone.

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