5 of The Most Underrated Android Smartphones of The 2020s

If you are considering getting a new mobile phone, you will no doubt be overwhelmed with the choice that is now on the market. Together with the usual manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, other companies are emerging that are creating phones filled with the latest technology. In this list, however, there will be some that don’t make the cut for whatever reason. Here are 5 of the most underrated Android smartphones of the 2020s. 

1 Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony was one of the first manufacturers to have a decent MP3 player in their phones. They also boasted some of the best cameras in the mobile phone arena. However, in the past few years, they have become overlooked by other brands. 

The Sony mobile phones’ flagship phone, the Xperia 5 II, is one of those that has gone under the radar. 

While it is smaller than many on the market today, it also lacks some key features and is more expensive by comparison. 

2 Meizu 17 Pro

The Meizu 17 Pro together with its sister the Meizu 17 was launched by one of China’s leading manufacturers. 

It boasted a small front-facing camera with a small hole, along with a ceramic back and ring LED flash. 

Although this phone was packed with features, it wasn’t globally released which stunted its popularity. It would almost certainly have made a big impact had it benefited from a wider release. 

3 Vivo X50 and X51

Vivo has always been synonymous with good features and a solid design. However, it has sometimes lacked the high-end technology of its competitors. 

The 48MP camera set-up is good, however, the chipset is lacking the power of other phones in this bracket. 

When you put this with a higher price tag, it makes Vivo less attractive than its competitors. 

4 Nubia Play

Although some may not have heard of the Nubia brand, the Play 5G phone from Nubia packed all the features of a similar phone, the OnePlus Nord. 

It had a 765G Snapdragon processor and a 5100mAh battery. However, although it did reach the international market as the Red Magic 5G Lite, it had lower specifications and a higher price point. 

5 Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

Although the Legion Phone Duel was Lenovo’s first dip into the gaming smartphone water, it did many innovative things. 

With its slide-out front-facing camera and dual USB-C ports, it had good specifications. There are also those rear-facing cameras that are placed in the middle so they don’t get covered by your fingers. 

However, gaming smartphones are still a niche product at the moment so it wasn’t going to compete with the larger brands that offer more mainstream features. 

Final Considerations 

These were 5 of the most underrated Android smartphones of the 2020s. You can find many smartphones that nearly made the cut, but for some reason missed the mark. Usually, they have either some high-end specifications missing, or they have a high price point. Either way, they are a sign that competition in the smartphone market is growing. 

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