10.Or D First Impressions: Gets the basics right, fails to dazzle

2017 will go down as the year when the seller became the maker. Both Amazon and Flipkart, two of India’s largest e-commerce platforms started manufacturing the products they have made a name for, by selling. Smartphones are the highest selling products online and both companies wanted a slice of that pie. Flipkart did it with the Billion Capture+ and Amazon has the 10\.Or label, under which the company launched the 10.Or D, an entry level Android smartphone.

Amazon claims the phone transcends the budget category and wants it to be considered as a value-for-money product. It’s reason? Amazon has amassed customer data to gain insights into what people want in their phones, and under its “Crafted for Amazon” program, the company claims to have translated these insights into features in the 10.Or phones.

The 10.Or D is the third device under the program. At first glance, it will look like any other entry-level phone. And to be honest, it is like any other entry-level phone.

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