This Motorcycle Might Be the Coolest Sub-$10,000 Ride We’ve Ever Seen

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty packs dark good looks, 999 ccs and 78 ponies into a package that starts at just $8,999.

Outside of the temperature-oriented definition, “cool” is a pretty elusive term, isn’t it? Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famed 1964 definition of obscenity — “I know it when I see it” — coolness us a quality you just kinda have to witness. It’s also one of the first words that came to mind when we laid eyes on Indian’s latest release: the blacked-out, stripped-down and nicely affordable Scout Bobber Sixty.

We’ve ridden some gorgeous Scouts that deliver surprising performance — and like them, this $8,999 iteration isn’t just getting by on its looks. Essentially a streamlined version of the original Scout Bobber, the Sixty features slightly less displacement (999 ccs versus 1,133) and a lower weight (548 pounds wet, versus 572). 

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