A Different Side of the Growing E-Bike Market

Call it miraculous. Call it a potentially lucrative side benefit. But whatever you call it, the growth of the so-called E-rehab market has companies like Avadmonitoring this growth as a promising adjunct of the explosive growth of e-bike market in general. 

So how does it work? Simple. For those who have suffered a serious or debilitating injury, the ability to e-bike can give them the kind of mobility that is proving to be life-changing. 

The stories are astounding. A 14 year old boy with bone cancer was able to experience regenerated leg movement when he began riding an bike after surgery. Other stories describe patients battling muscular diseases who regain mobility with an assist from an e-bike, and heart transplant patients who are using e-bikes as a vital tool in their recovery. 

The Rehab Angle

This particular market couldn’t have developed on its own without the aforementioned growth in the e-bike market as a whole, but once you look at the particulars it make total sense. 

Ongoing studies are consistently showing that motor-assisted outdoor bikes can provide a unique form of assistance that can help stroke patients, those who have survived spinal cord injuries, patients with motor function disorders and host of others regain both their mobility and their ability to thrive outdoors. 

Count joint replacement patients among those who have been helped as well. Those recovering from knee and hip replacements especially can derive special benefits from the combination of power assist and pedaling, which can be adjusted to fit almost any rehab program. 

Support Programs

But it isn’t just the e-bike companies who are becoming aware of the tremendous potential of this market. The organizations that provide ongoing support for potential riders are also getting into the game, and their participation is vital. 

The Sea Otter Classic Foundation is one such organization. This foundation, which is located in Monterey County in California, started a program last year in which e-bikes were donated to the county’s veteran transition center, which helps veterans deal with problems ranging from substance abuse to homelessness. 

E-bikes are a vital part of their ongoing efforts to regain independence and mobility. Conversion kits are sure to be part of the cause, and companies like SwytchBike will be part of the growth. Having an ebike conversion kit is one way to get this vital technology, so go to https://www.swytchbike.com/ to learn more about how conversion kits work.