2020 Honda Rebel 300 Review (16 Fast Facts For City Cruising)

Riding the 2020 Honda Rebel 300 to a variety of places, it’s easy to say, “You really do meet the nicest people on a Honda.” Pull-up on the Rebel 300, and the conversation usually opens with, “Nice bike; what cc is it?” The profile is industrial old school, which I love, and the design gives a meaty impression that belies the Rebel 300’s easy personality. Yes, it looks good, but how does this latest version of the Honda Rebel 300 work?

1. The low seat height inspires confidence, especially for new and shorter riders. I’m 5’ 6” with a 29-inch inseam, and on the Rebel 300, I can reach the ground flat-footed. That, coupled with a low center of gravity, makes maneuvering super easy.

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