The Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller has had its price slashed, and is ideal for voice chat with friends online

If you regularly play your favorite games online with friends and want to something that will give your voice chat a bit of something extra, then this Xbox controller deal on the Turtle Beach Recon could well be for you.Right now, the Turtle Beach Recon controller (specifically, the Arctic Camo model) for Xbox has hit its lowest price in about five or six months at Amazon. You can pick it up for just $44.95 – a strong 25% saving

UK price: Amazon – £42.49View DealThe Turtle Beach Recon is a bit different from many other third-party Xbox controllers on the market. Specifically designed with voice chat and online multiplayer in mind, it’s an impressively robust gamepad that features audio and voice chat options built right onto the controller. You’re able to switch between numerous equalizers (including options for various game types, like first-person shooters), adjust the volume, or mute the mic entirely.In our Turtle Beach Recon review, we scored the Xbox controller four out of five stars. We praised its robust voice chat functionality, as well as its fantastic overall build quality and satisfyingly tactile buttons and modules. It teeters on the budget end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean Turtle Beach skimped on the controller’s quality.More Turtle Beach Recon controller dealsNot in the US or the UK? Check the list below to find the best Turtle Beach Recon deals in your region.Today’s best Turtle Beach Recon Controller deals79 Amazon customer reviews☆☆☆☆☆$59.99$44.99View Deal$59.95$47.95View Deal$68.77View DealShow More DealsWe check over 250 million products every day for the best

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