The Best Way to Play Bingo? Try these.

Bingo has been a British institution since the 1960s. The thing that sets Bingo apart from other games is the social aspect. For years people have descended onto their local bingo hall for an evening of drinks and games with some of their closest friends. Unfortunately, the early 90s saw a dip in popularity among bingo players; however, that was soon rectified by a resurgence of online players.

With bingo now hitting the global stage, it is attracting all manner of different players. As such, you may want to find a few ways to make this classic game more interesting. Therefore, this article will provide you with some of the best ways to play bingo.

Play Online

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that bingo has found a new home in the online space. Exclusive bingo sites have cropped up all over the web in recent years, and this new medium combines all the social benefits of the live game with a fast-paced atmosphere.

Most online bingo reviews will claim that the best online bingo sites are those that attract players from all over the world; however, there is plenty of variety out there for those who wish to play locally. Take the time to do some research, and you will find that all these online bingo sites have something new to offer so you are sure to find one that suits your sensibilities.

Host Your Own Game

Bingo is a social game with very few rules. As such, it is an easy game to run if you feel like stepping into the spotlight. Bingo callers are usually the centre of attention on bingo night, and it can be fun to experience the other side of the game for a change. Therefore, you may find it useful to host your own bingo game from your living room.

Of course, it is much easier when you are hosting a game for your friends, but you never know where it may lead. A fun evening of bingo with your friends could soon turn into a new hobby, and the world will always need more bingo callers. What’s more, you can even drum up some interest from local players by hosting a bingo event where all the proceeds go to charity. Everyone wants to do their bit to help those less fortunate, so why not exercise your bingo calling skills at the same time.

Play Human Bingo

Playing bingo the traditional way with numbers on the cards is still fun, but there are other ways to spice up the game. It is highly likely that you will get together and play bingo with a group of friends, so why not use this to your advantage.

Human bingo swaps out the numbers for character traits and descriptions, and the players must cross out any of the traits that refer to themselves. In other words, they have to build up their description and personality to win a prize. Since it is your friends that you are playing with you can be as cheeky as you like with the descriptions, and human bingo provides the perfect opportunity to get kids on board with the game.

Swap Cards

Another way to play bingo is by upping the challenge factor, rather than trying to increase the fun. Swap bingo plays exactly like a regular game of local bingo with one key twist. At some point during the game, the caller can request a swap which involves everyone in the room leaving their bingo card behind to sit somewhere else. This random move can work quite favourably for some but can be disastrous for others. Keeping people on their toes like this adds an extra element of danger to proceedings, something that bingo sorely needs.


One of the biggest draws for bingo players is that it is a luck-based game. However, you can try and entice other types of players into a game by adding some extra stakes. 

Trivia can provide another layer of challenge to your bingo games that players may not expect. It can work in several ways. You can include trivia questions at random and rule that anyone that gets the question wrong must start a new card, or you can ask players to answer questions once they achieve a full line. This locks prizes behind another wall, guaranteeing that the game lasts longer and requires more than just luck to win. It might not be for everyone but adding a second element to a game like bingo can keep the game fresh.


There is very little wrong with the initial concept of bingo. Part of its charm comes from simplicity. However, players can try and create a better way to play by using any of the new rules above.