Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor Review

Isle of Armor is the first major expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Does it introduce enough new content and ideas to keep fans satisfied? Let’s find out!

Pokemon Sword and Shield arguably wasn’t the fully-fledged console experience fans had been waiting for, but it was certainly a solid foundation for Game Freak to build upon moving forward. Primarily a portable endeavour for decades, many of the series’ conventions felt rooted to its handheld origins, some it simply failed to shake on Nintendo Switch. 

That being said, the charmingly addictive core of Pokemon still remained. Combine this with the expansive world and a greater focus on player customisation and you are left with one of the brightest sparks Pokemon has ever seen, but its faults are still hard to overlook. Environments looked bland, mechanics felt very similar to much older games and new gimmicks weren’t enough to weather the storm.

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