Gaming After Midnight: The Best Horror Games To Try Out Now

Horror games are a unique genre that combines an exciting narrative and a fascinating gameplay. This creates a great gaming experience. Such games immerse you in a creepy environment specially created to inspire fear. They test your courage by pushing the boundaries. Horror games also force players to face the deepest fears in a way few other games can. 

There are several games in the world of horror games that create a truly creepy atmosphere and give an unforgettable experience. Many of these can be found on platforms like GGamer. Players appreciate these games for their ability to scare, shock and surprise. In this article, we will look at some of the best horror games that you should play. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced horror fan or a beginner in this genre, these games guarantee an unforgettable journey. 

The Mortuary Assistant, 2022

The gloomy atmosphere immerses you in the activities of a morgue employee doing routine work. The main character enters the presented position in order to study and gain work experience. A mentor is a person who helps to understand the intricacies of everyday tasks and talks about proper embalming, as well as about the care and quality treatment of the bodies of deceased people.

While doing the routine work of a morgue assistant, you will learn stories about paranormal cases involving the dead. You will have to sort out the rumors of restless townspeople who are beginning to encounter strange phenomena and understand the manifestations of demonic forces.

Alan Wake, 2012

A third-person shooter will give you a new journey into the world of daytime tranquility and night chaos. By killing monsters, you will get acquainted with the true history of the town where the main character lives.

The game has several difficult and intricate chapters in which you will not only have to comprehend the aspects of the plot, but also solve puzzles in the genre of thriller and horror.

The Outlast Trials, 2024

A first-person horror in the Outlast universe. The difference from the main series is that you can play both alone and in company. In the center of the plot is the Murkoff company, engaged in inhuman and sadistic experiments. The action will take place during the Cold War. Scientists from the Murkoff Corporation are recruiting people to test a brainwashing system on them and take control of their minds.

The gameplay has absorbed all the best of the old game and has not undergone any special changes. You will hide and run away from monsters. Due to the increased dynamics of the gameplay and stronger and smarter enemies, walking through the treatment complex will not be easy.

In conclusion, these games provide a wide range of experiences that can expand the boundaries of interactive horror. If you haven’t tried yourself in horror yet, be sure to do it with one of the games from Regardless of whether you’re a fan of psychological or survival horror, or even if you’ve never played one before, these games are sure to evoke exactly the emotions they were created for.