Doom Eternal at 8K sends a $2,500 graphics card to hell – but it’s still a blast to play

Doom Eternal is the latest instalment in the iconic first person shooter game series, and now that it’s launched, we couldn’t wait to try it out in 8K on our specially-built gaming rig, which features the most powerful consumer graphics card in the world: the Nvidia RTX Titan.

We’d already found that even though Doom Eternal looks fantastic, it manages to run extremely well on a wide range of graphics cards at 4K, but running at 7,680 × 4,320 8K resolution is a whole other level of pain for even the most powerful of gaming PCs.

However, the good news is that Doom Eternal plays impressively well at 8K, easily surpassing our expectations. However, that 8K performance comes at a very high price, both in terms of cash and frame rates.

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