Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13.3″ Unboxing & First Impressions Review

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This is the larger and more powerful 13.3″ Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. It’s powered by a Core i5 6200U,  8gb of DDR4 clocked to 2133Mhz, 256GB Samsung NVMe SSD and Nvidia 940MX GPU with 1GB of DDR5 ram for 3D. It’s got switchable graphics so depending on what you’re doing it will use the Nvidia GPU or Intel 520 iGPU.

The build is just like the 12.5″ version very good. The keyboard is the same only a little wider and the typing experience just as good. It comes with Windows 10 Home Chinese single OS licence, and if you install English there is still Chinese present. I’ve had to do a full reinstall. So you’ll need to factor in getting a Windows 10 key.

I bought my unit from GearBest here. I almost used Aliexpress but they hadn’t shipped it yet, so canceled my order. And unfortunately, Banggood only offer EMS. Which is no good for me, it would take weeks to arrive as Spanish customs get hold of everything labeled as a notebook and EMS. (Correos + ADP Postales these guys take 3 weeks to customs clear anything!)

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