Which Chromebook is right for you?

Congratulations on taking the brave forward step from the pedestrian world of laptops and into the glimmering cloud-domain of Chromebooks. As a certain centuries-old knight once said to Indiana Jones: you have chosen wisely.

There are myriad benefits to switching across to a Chrome-based device, but discovering that a traditional laptop isn’t for you is only half the battle: Not all Chromebooks are born equal, and though they mostly occupy the ‘budget browser’ space within the world of portable computing, they also come in many shapes and sizes.

Chrome OS is the lightest of operating systems, but with the imminent addition of Android apps and a slew of manufacturers creating their own versions of the device, there’s an increasing variety of devices and ever expanding uses for Google’s platform.

Now more than ever the Chromebook is a viable alternative to a Windows laptop or Macbook. But if you’re wondering which one is for you, allow us to guide you.

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