Which Acer Laptop Is Right For You?

After careful consideration, you’ve decided that your next laptop will be an Acer. So now, all that’s left is choosing one. Are you looking for the detachable convenience that comes with a Switch, or the budget-friendly value of an Aspire?

To help you pick, we’ve listed all the Acer lines below, with standout models from each.

Behind the numbers

Acer laptops generally fall into a simple pattern when it comes to the model numbers placed after their names, as an Aspire R 15 is 15 inches, and the Predator 17 is 17 inches. The exception to this pattern comes with single- and triple-digit products, such as the Swift 7, a superthin 13-inch notebook and TravelMate P648, where numbers signify its class, with 7 meaning premium and 1 being entry-level.

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