Volta V Review: A Neat Gaming PC That Helps the Environment

At first glance, the Volta V (starting at $1,999; reviewed at $2,885) looks more hipster than gamer with its slick walnut case. But don’t sleep on it — this small, environmentally-friendly PC has more than enough power to support most of your gaming, VR and productivity needs. It’s a great departure for gamers who are tired of the same old flashing lights on every gaming desktop — or are just woke AF.

Design: Eco-Friendly Chic

The Volta V looks more like a miniature version of one of those swanky ’60s coffee tables than a badass gaming rig — and that’s the biggest part of the appeal.

Instead of delivering light shows, metal and glass, the Volta V has a case made from American hardwood (walnut, in this case), aluminum and 3D-printed steel. There is a bit of plastic in the makeup, but it’s hidden from prying eyes in the interior of the case. If walnut’s not your thing, you can get the system in bamboo. In short, this desktop is eco-friendly chic.

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