StormForce Tornado review

There’s rarely a better time to buy a new pre-built gaming PC than following the launch of a new generation of graphics cards. Pascal is Nvidia’s most interesting GPU architecture in some time, if not ever, representing a true generational leap over its predecessor, Maxwell.

The StormForce Tornado comes with the new GTX 1070, which sits in the middle of the Nvidia’s triumvirate of Pascal cards alongside the GTX 1060 and GTX 1080. StormForce has twinned the GPU with components that allow for excellent performance at 1080p and beyond. There’s even enough grunt for VR and 4K gaming – though you’ll have to dial the settings down a notch or two depending on the game for the latter.

It can be pre-ordered online for £899 (around $1,180/AUS$1,540) and is set to be released on September 1.


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