2016 Bentley Flying Spur Review: Lavish is an understatement

The Bentley Flying Spur is over seven feet wide. Wider, in fact, than a Hummer H1. Just twenty inches narrower than a Smart car is long. Ironically for a marque so closely associated with Britain, that makes the Flying Spur singularly unsuited for a great many British roads. And, with a price tag easily ten times that of the Smart – and dwarfing even the cost of a full tank of gas for the Humvee – it’s not something you want to scrape along one of the ancient stone walls you suddenly notice the UK has in abundance when you’re driving a borrowed behemoth.

It may be my country of birth, but tackling British roads after living – and driving – for some years in the US takes some mental readjustment, doubly so when you’re straight off the plane and into a £191,190 ($249k) car.


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