Smartron Flex first impressions: A surprisingly impressive convertible

When the Smartron tbook Flex landed in the Digit test lab, there was a mixed set of reactions. There were some who felt that this was going to be another Surface wannabe which will fail to deliver and then there were those who were excited about figuring out just how good of a Surface alternative it could be. Needless to say, being compared to Microsoft’s Surface means the bar is set high. Overall, there was a lot of curiosity about the tbook Flex, so we quickly got the machine out of its box to see just how well it could keep up with our expectations and needs.

Build Quality and Design

You have to hand it to Smartron, the packaging on the tbook Flex feels very premium. Pop open the box, the tbook itself feels so nice in the hands as you’re pulling it out. The tbook is rather hefty, coming across as a well-built tablet and not something flimsy.

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