Medion Erazer X6603 review

Mobile gaming is a serious business, and one which commands some serious hardware, and you’re spoiled for choice if you want an angular, brutish gaming laptop, with the likes of the Alienware 15 and the HP Omen X serving the mass market well with their pointy edges.

Meanwhile, niche manufacturers like MSI or Asus are free to go mad with super-powered (and super-priced) high-end portable PCs. The absurdly powerful (and expensive) Acer Predator 21 X, which we covered recently, is a prime example of the ludicrous fringes of laptop design.

But splurging on those mega-machines isn’t something everyone can afford to do, particularly as a heftily-specced desktop PC can usually be had for far less cash. There’s a portability premium to be paid for powerful laptops, both in terms of their overall cost and in terms of their pixel-pushing power.

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