Logitech G305 review: A LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse for the mainstream

I think it’s safe to say that Logitech has been crafting some really solid gaming mice lately. Back in March, I reviewed the G703 and G903 gaming mice, which both come with all the bells and whistles: RGB lighting, Powerplay support, HERO sensors, and LIGHTSPEED technology. I found them to be excellent mice, and I said at the time that they made the best argument yet for ditching your wired gaming mouse. With both of them, however, there was one big hang up: Price.

The G703 and the G903 are not cheap mice. At $100 for the G703 and $150 for the G903, you’re certainly putting a lot of money toward peripherals, more than you would have spent on some of the hardware that makes your computer do all the wonderful things it can do. When you toss in the $100 price tag of the Powerplay charging mat – which charges the G703 and the G903 as you use them – you’re looking at a lot of money for items that at one point would have been the cheapest part of your build.

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