Logitech is nothing short of prolific when it comes to PC peripherals. Now, according to the company, it’s time to bring some high-end gaming features to users who might not be familiar with them, in the form of the Prodigy line.

For now, the line is just one mouse, the G403 (in wired and wireless versions), and one keyboard, the G213. Both are designed to explain to new keyboard warriors, both young and old, why the PC gaming crew is so enthusiastic about its hardware.

The keyboard lacks mechanical key switches, but it does have five zones of RGB backlighting, media keys, and a game mode that prevents accidental Windows key presses during gameplay. It retails for $70, which means it faces stiff competition from entry-level mechanical keyboards, including some within Logitech’s ranks.

Is the G213 prodigy dead simple, or dead in the water?

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