Through ten generations, the Civic has been the car of choice for singles, young families, and empty nesters alike. Honda has been refining the Civic since 1972, well before most of this year’s Civic buyers were born.

Today, the Honda Civic is the fourth best-selling car in America, and the second in its class of compact cars. The only vehicles ahead of the Civic are the top-selling mid-size Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, and the top-selling compact Toyota Corolla. Honda moved 335,384 Civics in 2015, up 2.9% from 2014 levels. That kind of sales performance doesn’t happen by accident.

What makes the Civic so popular now, and what has made it popular for decades? Simply put, it’s value for the price. The Honda Civic has always delivered reliable and affordable transportation that is fun to drive and reasonably comfortable. If you want, there’s usually been a sporty version as well, with some models of the Civic ranking among the most popular sports cars of their era.

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