Lenovo Ideapad L340 (15″) review – one of many successors to the Ideapad 330

So, perhaps you need an all-rounder notebook – build for office work, student stuff and multimedia, while at the same time being capable of doing some minor gaming. Moreover, your budget is very strict and you can’t afford to throw more than 1000 bucks for your every-day driver. Well, in this case, the Ideapad L340 (15″) might just be the right laptop for you.

It comes in two major configurations – one with AMD processors and one with Intel CPUs. Let’s disclose that we have tested the Intel-equipped version, so you might see a difference in some of the results if you own an AMD model. Nevertheless, in terms of a display, the top-end model goes with a Full HD TN panel, which is a bummer.

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