Lenovo Ideacentre 510s Review : Borderless Beauty, Weird Webcam

I’m not sure how, but Lenovo managed to cram a full-on desktop PC into what looks like a tiny monitor. The Ideacentre 510s is the company’s sleekest and most compact all-in-one yet, with razor-thin edges and a borderless 23-inch display that makes it easy to focus on work or get lost in a movie. But although the 510s is an absolute all-star in the design department, its lackluster screen brightness, webcam and accessories keep it from being the best all-in-one value in its price range.


From the day the Lenovo Ideacentre 510s landed in our lab, virtually everyone who has walked by it has stopped to stare. This is far and away Lenovo’s best-looking all-in-one yet, packing a virtually bezel-less display into a strikingly slim silver chassis that gives the iMac a run for its money. However, while the iMac is aluminum throughout, the Ideacentre’s display portion is made of sturdy plastic.

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