Kingston A400 SSD 240 GB Review

Our Verdict

The Kingston A400 breathes a new lease of life into the entry-level SSD segment with the updated controller. And even the pricing is set to be competitive with the rest of the competition. Speaking of the competition, we have the WD Green 240 GB SSD, the ADATA SV620 and a SanDisk SSD Plus series. All of these drives have a similar setup on the inside except for some which do have a cache to help speed up sustained writes. As of now, the Kingston A400 has an advantage over the others in the category thanks to its controller. Which is why the extra 600 bucks that they’re charging seems worth the value.

Kingston A400 SSD 240 GB: Detailed Review

Kingston has been on the flash memory scene for quite some time. Their product portfolio targets the entire gamut, from the entry-level devices to those aimed at the enthusiast crowd under their HyperX brand.

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