Kingston A1000 SSD review: A budget M.2 NVMe beaten at its own game by better drives

A nice upgrade from SATA, but at this point, not much cheaper than much faster drives

You’ll get a nice boost in storage performance over SATA from this M.2 NVMe drive, but you can get about the twice the boost from similarly priced drives.

While faster is always better when it comes to storage, all things are relative. Even a slower M.2 NVMe SSD, such as the entry-level Kingston A1000 NVMe reviewed here, offers a noticeable boost in performance over SATA SSDs. Quite noticeable.

The problem for Kingston and other entry-level SSD vendors is that Samsung and WD are playing hardball with the pricing of what are essentially top-tier drives. The 970 EVO, WD Black NVMe, and Sandisk Extreme Pro all offer twice the performance of the A1000 for about the same price. For smaller vendors using third-party NAND, that’s really bad news.

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