Intel Comet Lake purported pricing details spilled, and they may cost about the same as 9th-gen desktop CPUs

Intel’s 10th-gen Comet Lake desktop processors are set to be launched very soon, rumor has it, and we’ve caught a glimpse of some alleged retail prices for these next-gen CPUs courtesy of an online retailer.

As highlighted by @momomo_us, a regular hardware leaker on Twitter, purported prices on a few Comet Lake chips have been spilled by DirectDial, a Canadian retailer (and so they are in Canadian dollars, of course).

So the price for the Core i9-10900 is $679 CAD, which works out to be around $487 in US currency (about £390, AU$770). For the Core i7-10700K you’re looking at $585 CAD or around $419 (about £335, AU$660), and also listed is the Core i7-10700 which is pitched at $506 CAD or around $363 (about £290, AU$575).

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