HP Spectre x2 review: A less expensive Surface rival

We’ve been noticing something the past few months: Every tech company is trying to be more like Microsoft. Which is to say, they’re belatedly copying the Surface Pro, a laptop/tablet mashup that’s already in its fourth generation. There are different examples: the iPad Pro from Apple, Google’s Pixel C, as well as offerings from Lenovo and Dell. But HP’s latest is an especially literal interpretation. The Spectre x2, as it’s called, is a 12-inch Windows tablet with a keyboard cover. Also like the Surface Pro, it sports a kickstand around back and can be used with a pressure-sensitive pen. But, it’s cheaper and the keyboard actually comes in the box (hear that, Microsoft?). On paper, then, it would seem that while the x2 isn’t groundbreaking, it could be worthwhile in its own right.

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