How to start fresh with a new user account

Remove the cruft of years with a clean install of OS X.

I am a man of many Macs and have been for some time. When you use a platform over a long period of time, you’re bound to run into some problems.

Enter my 2009 MacBook Pro. This hardy workhorse was my main machine for years. I upgraded the internal drive to a 250GB SSD and maxed the RAM out at 8GB. Even so, a Core 2 Duo doesn’t compare to an i5, even at a slower clock speed, so I eventually bought a MacBook Air with half the drive space and half the RAM. Now the two machines split duties. While I go about my daily work and play on my Air, the Pro sits in my home office, hosting my definitive iTunes and Photos libraries, my ancient emails, and any old files I still sometimes want access to.

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