HighPoint RocketStor 6661A Thunderbolt 3 storage enclosure review: Fast, easy and affordable

A more basic, but considerably cheaper and equally fast competitor to the Akitio Node Lite

HighPoint’s RocketStor 6661A PCIe/NVMe external storage enclosure may be a mouthful of a moniker, but it’s a top-notch performer and extremely easy to set up. At $189 on Amazon, it’s more basic, but also more affordable than the direct competition—Akitio’s Node Lite (currently $220 on Amazon).


The Rocketstor 6661A features sturdy all-metal construction, including the slip-off cover secured by captive thumbscrews. Not intended for eGPU (external graphics) use, it’s just wide enough for normal-size PCIe cards to fit in its single x16 (sixteen PCIe lanes) slot. The slot is just like those you’ll find in a desktop PC, and as with a PC, cards are held in place with a screw through the upper part of their end bracket.

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