Hands on: MSI WS63 review

Mobile workstations have now almost caught up with their desktop counterparts when it comes to sheer performance, assuming that you’re ready to pay the premium and live with the restrictions (like battery life and limited expansion capabilities).


MSI has bucked the trend and produced a laptop with a unique design and a couple of features that set it apart from the rest of the competition. The WS63 (and its alter-ego, the GS63VR) is thin (17.7mm) and light enough (1.8kg) to be classified as an Ultrabook, and yet manages to cram in two drives and a workstation-grade graphics card.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, this is a laptop with a 15.6-inch display; our sample came with a Full HD screen, but there’s a 4K IPS option available as well. Such svelteness comes at a price though – MSI tacitly discourages users from opening the WS63. We counted no less than 14 screws and couldn’t pry open the workstation despite our best (sensible) efforts.

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