Gigabyte P57X review

The first wave of GTX 10-series notebooks has been all about extremes. The more powerful ones configured with GTX 1080 GPUs are typically hefty beasts with sizable cases, while at the very opposite end of the spectrum is Razer’s GTX 1060-powered Blade that almost feels like waving a MacBook Air above your head in comparison.

Gigabyte’s P57X v6 is one of the one of the physically larger Pascal offerings, but it’s not overly bulky or heavy – and you won’t even mind gaming with it on your lap for extended periods. Its 17.3-inch display means you could get away without using an external monitor for playing games or watching movies, so long as you’re not bothered about a lack of real-state on the desktop. That’s right: despite its sizable frame, the sixth iteration of the P57X swims in the safe waters of 1080p.


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